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We believe in the power of your body. We feel it's simple... keep it clean, natural and nourish skin with nutrient rich, effective products. Vitamin and mineral pill supplements only do so much, as they aren't digested efficiently by our bodies, which absorb only 5-18%.   Your skin is your largest organ, capable of absorbing more than 60% of topical products directly into your bloodstream. What this ultimately means is that what you put on your skin, can literally affect your health and mood. Many chemicals, commonly found in products (even those by companies claiming to be organic and all-natural), are slowly poisoning our systems through repeated use. At LifeCalm, we are serious when it comes to no artificial fragrances, dyes or harmful chemicals. We conceive of, and formulate, our own products from the ground up. We have no "trade secrets," use minimal preservatives, and our products are manufactured with reduced environmental impact, and made in small batches.  

We explore skin care from the standpoint of nature's ability to influence healthy skin function. We use premium organic, natural, and safe ingredients, at effective concentrations, to develop healthy products, which not only rival, but exceed the abilities and efficacy claims of many chemical filled products on the market today. 

Every ingredient is carefully evaluated, and we work hard to provide healthy, safe, and effective products, at competitive prices. We maintain you should never have to choose between natural, eco-friendly products, and skin care that delivers visible results.

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