New Patients

As a New Patient, one of our highly trained doctors and staff will perform an in depth consultation and examination to determine your diagnosis so that we may be able to treat you in the best way possible. Our examination consists of numerous range of motion, chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological testing to assist in the determination of your diagnosis.


We have an x-ray machine in our office and if necessary, specialized x-rays are taken to analyze bone structure, pathologies, misalignments and biomechanical abnormalities in your spine that may be contributing to or causing your symptoms. We will then perform special measuring techniques of your x-rays to be able to explain your condition in detail .


On your second visit, we will show you your x-rays and explain your examination findings and what that means for you. We will show you what is causing your symptoms, problems and concerns and make recommendations for your specific problem. If we find that you do not have a chiropractic condition, then we will refer you to the necessary specialist that can help you.


Treatment in our office consists of many different modalities to help to reduce pain and inflammation to make you feel your very best. It offers a time for you to relax and help reduce your stresses while relieving your pain. While the chiropractic adjustment is the specialty of our office, we also have electrical muscle stimulation, massage therapy and other modalities that can assist in helping our patients feel better.

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