Office Workshops

"The Secret of Good Health"

This workshop is designed for our new patients to educate you on what is chiropractic. Family and friends are welcome to come to this class if they are having any aches and pains or if they want to hear a health talk that can give them free tips on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. This workshop is about chiropractic, the nervous system, how your body works, and how you have developed the symptoms that you have. Patients who come to this class get well quicker and stay well longer because they understand the chiropractic treatment and they realize that it takes more than just the adjustments to feel your best.

"How to Handle Stress and Be Healthy"

This is Dr. Smith’s presentation that he takes on the road. He has given this presentation for hundreds of schools and hundreds more companies and municipalities. During this class, Dr. Smith talks about how stress causes sickness and disease and what you can do to handle your stress. There are many lifestyle tips including relationship topics, hobbies and other stress reducing tips. And of course, a few jokes here and there.

"Healthy Lifestyle Workshop"

With all the latest research about the leading fatal diseases we face, this workshop is designed to educate not only treating some of these diseases naturally, but more importantly, how to prevent these chronic conditions before they get you. We discuss diet and nutrition, exercise, work stresses and home stresses that can interfere in your health and contribute to these deadly diseases. This workshop tells you mostly what you already know about eating, but also what you don't know. You will discover how eating contributes to 80% of weight loss and health success.  Eat well... get well... stay well!

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