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Kids & Chiropractic


Children, even at a very young age, have many physical, postural and emotional stresses that can affect their overall health.  Many children begin life with a nervous system that is far from optimal due to birth trauma.  Although children are very resilient, many of the falls, bumps and bruises of childhood can last a lifetime if they are not corrected. Whether your kids are having symptoms or whether they play sports or you just want to make sure they have optimal health, Chiropractic can help. If your infant or child suffers from any of the following symptoms, 

Chiropractic may help: 

- Recurrent Colds and Flus
- Ear Infections
- Allergies
- Asthma
 - Headaches
 - Stomach Aches
 - Constipation
 - Trouble Sleeping
 - Bed Wetting
 - Night Terrors
 - ADD, ADHD and behavioral Issues


Chiropractic is an extremely safe and effective way to keep your children in optimal health.  We have treated thousands of children for the above symptoms without the use of drugs and surgeries.  We have educated parents on the benefits of natural healthcare for children and the dangers of bad eating habits and overmedication in children.  All medications have side effects and can truly harm children.  Many of the medications prescribed for children specifically for conditions such as ADD, ADHD and other neurological and behavioral conditions, have never been tested on children and are not FDA approved for children.  This is very concerning for us as parents.  We specialize in treating children in natural ways that they become healthier and happier.

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